Control systems plc programs

Independent of the manufacturer
For over 20 years we have been programming all standard plcs from the manufacturers Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider Electric and Mitsubishi.

Software quality
Even complex data structures and "higher programming languages" such as e.g. SCL have been part of our daily business for years. Our programs concentrate on our own standard modules and repeating structures. You receive well documented and comprehensible software which does not need to be a black box to you.

We manage all standard bus and network systems (Industrial Ethernet via TCP/IP, L2-Bus, Datahighway, ...). In the field of decentral periphery, we are also up-to-date and can offer you the most interesting technical and economic system concepts.

Connection PLC and IT
Want to always have the most important system data available in the office? No problem. We will connect the control level to your existing office IT equipment using standard or individual software.

Old systems (S5,...)
Even for older systems, you will always find a programmer at our company that can still speak the language of your control system, be it S5, TSX...

From S5 through Microwin right up to S7, from FUP/AWL to Graph7 and SCL, our software team can program all Siemens SPSs. For operating close to the system, we can supply the complete product range of the Siemens Operator Panels. For complex systems, we will draw up operating systems with ProTool Pro, WinCC or control systems with PCS7.

In particular for our worldwide operational mechanical engineering partners, we program Allen Bradley control systems of the series PLC, SLC and Logix. In the operating and visualisation field, we have already used PanelBuilder and RSView. The networking of the systems with Datahighway, DeviceNet etc. rounds off our Allen Bradley range.

From Twido to Quantum, we program all current plcs from Schneider Electric. We are also happy to perform program extensions or modifications for the well-known TSX systems.

We can program the Mitsubishi control systems Alpha, Melsec FX1, Melsec FX2, Melsec FX3 and System Q.

Your contact partner:
Mr. Dirk Fischer
+49 2303 / 9474-39

Mr. Markus Strehlau
+ 49 2303 / 9474-35

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